Veronica 2017 720p / 1080p

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Veronica 2017 720p 1080p Movie Free Download – HD Popcorns

Veronica 2017 720p 1080p Movie Free Download - HD Popcorns

Year:               2017
Quality:          720p / 1080p
Language:      English
Genre:            Drama , Horror
Cast:               Ana Torrent


 Veronica 2017 720p 1080p Movie Free Download - HD PopcornsVeronica 2017 720p 1080p Movie Free Download - HD Popcorns 

Veronica 2017 720p 1080p Movie Free Download – HD Popcorns


Madrid, June of 1991. Verónica is a teenage girl surpassed by the circumstances after her father died recently, her mother works in a bar all day and she must care for her three siblings, twin girls Lucía and Irene and the youngest Antoñito. Still mourning for her father s death, Verónica decides to play Ouija with her friends Rosa and Diana, taking advantage a total solar eclipse where all classmates and teachers are on the school s rooftop watching it. Alone in the cellar, the girls try to contact their recent deceased family members, but the session goes wrong and something happens to Verónica. She hid from her mother what has happened, Verónica starts to feel strange presences inside the house and fears that these ghosts are a threat to any of her siblings. Advised by Sister Narcisa (nicknamed by the children as Sister Death) about the sinister spirit which is close to her, Verónica looking for a way to break the contact with the ghost and save everyone, suffering hallucinations …

Veronica 2017 720p 1080p Movie Free Download – HD Popcorns

  • sanket

    Thank you so much @hdpopcorn
    Waiting for this movie

  • Sajib Banik

    english language ???

  • aniruddha

    there are no subtitles in it

  • Ravi Bindra

    Its in Spanish language

  • sanket

    Its in Spanish language not in english…..
    we want english version NOT SPANISH…..
    i wasted my 1.6 GB Data

    • Indian First


      The info for this title is wrong, it says –

      “Language: English”

      It does not say “Language: Still not dubbed in English” or “Language: Espeniol”. Many titles have that misleading info and even after reporting it to the admin they do not correct it. So please help one another, as and when you find any misleading/ incorrect info.

      Thank you.

  • sanket

    As soon as the english version of this movie is uploaded by @hdpopcorn….
    MeanWhile use the subtitle link below it works perfectly….

    • Saurav1928

      Oh my unfamiliar friend.It a spanish language film so do not expect english language until and unless the creators decides to dub it.

  • At’z Bacela

    english version please mate

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